Meet Big Pete.
May 2012
Big Pete AKA Tub Thumper, was the first “member” of Musos on Bikes.
When Nick told Pete of his idea to start MoB he joined immediately and was as keen as the founder to get things off the ground. Since that day back in 2009, Pete has always been actively involved in spreading the word and the Musos at The Shelley events, the regular acoustic jam nights and local ride outs, just wouldn’t have happened without his enthusiasm and hard work.

Pete is a shy and retiring fellow...

  OK, Pete is somewhat of a local celebrity.
With his long hair and plaited beard, he's rarely seen without his trademark top hat bedecked with feathers and cards. He nearly always wears a kilt. He ALWAYS wears his Musos cut off. He has one of the most infectious and loudest laughs you've ever heard, and he's always laughing. Always.

Walking round events with him, you're regularly stopped and he's asked if he can have his picture taken.
Bike shows, gigs, festivals, even out shopping. At the Tewkesbury Medieval Fayre he was described as the “face of the festival”. We think he has the perfect face for radio…

He has an almost unhealthy passion for Rat and Survival bikes. If it can be matt blacked and/or camouflaged it will be. Chrome don't get you home, so he says.

Musically, Pete is a little different too. He is the pulse, the rhythm, the pounding drums of Mythago. (Tub Thumper).
Mythago are a Morris team, in the Border Bedlam style of Morris.

Border Morris comes from the border regions of England/Wales & bedlam denotes the wilder more energetic stepping & dance moves.
Border Morris is traditionally danced in disguise with tatters worn on jackets, blackened faces and with big sticks.!! (No hankies and little bells for them !!) Because Mythago tell stories, myths & legends of our English past and often change characters in the stories, the dancers wear masks rather than blacking up.

Some of the places they have recently performed at this year are:
- The Rochester Sweeps festival in Kent.
- Anderida Gorsedd Druid gathering at the Long Man of Wilmington (East Sussex)
- Brighton & Horsham days of dance
- Musos on Bikes show
- The Big Knock diesel bike show & Tewkesbury Medieval Fayre
to name but a few.!!

For future performances and other info about Mythago, have a look at their website,

If you see Pete about, go and say hello. He is one of the world’s nice guys AND you will definitely have a laugh !!

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